Dunfair was the tower base of the Fionn Clan of Borderlanders for many years.

Eventually, the Fionn Clan was massacred by aberrations. Fionn Mac Tire was one of the only rangers to escape, and made his way to Sigurdsholm. One year later, he led the party back to Dunfair, expecting to find a safe haven. Instead, they found the Intelligence Collective.

Tower complex

Dunfair is contained within a circular stone wall, to which the Borderlanders chained themselves so they would die upright. The Intelligence Collective later extracted their brains, eyes, and tongues, and reanimated their bodies to serve as guards.

Within the wall are four huts (an armory, a kitchen, a library, and an apothecary) arranged around the central tower. The Intelligence Collective performed gruesome rituals in the kitchen to create the Eyeless from surviving members of the Fionn Clan, soaking the kitchen in blood. Fionn MacTire found a hidden bottle of “Arawn’s blood”, a healing potion, inside the apothecary.

Inside the main tower are the dormitory, the trophy room, and the observatory. The party tried to sleep in the dormitory, but was ambushed by “nuckelavee”, animate piles of blood. They continued to the observatory and encountered the “wardens”, who demanded they join the Intelligence Collective. Amalie pretended to join, but turned on the wardens and initiated combat.


The party sensed more aberrations belowground, and Garwin instructed them to clear out the monsters. In the tunnels, they found mutated cave serpents and the Eyeless before coming to the gibbering pit.

The gibbering pit was a seething mass of flesh and blood, filled with the brains, eyes, mouths, and tongues of various victims of the Intelligence Collective. Reaper Eye and Muffin were assigned to watch over the gibbering pit and use their telepathy to extract any useful information from it. The party killed Muffin, destroyed the gibbering pit, and took Reaper Eye prisoner.

Reaper Eye later escaped, and the party was attacked by the cave serpents. After resting and experiencing tortured dreams, the party moved towards the exit and saw the dead body of Fionn O’Connell, which attacked them with his lightning bow. Immeral looted his leather cloak, only for the cloak to animate and attempt to smother him. Immeral came close to dying, but was eventually saved by Fionn Mac Tire.

The party then exited to the Woods.


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