Living Tree

The Living Tree was created in Arnulf’s Grove by Rosamund and several of her apprentices, using the energy of lightning. The Living Tree acted as a servant to Rosamund, and watched her create several other creatures like it.

When Lord Arnulf discovered the Living Tree, he chased Rosamund and her students off his land, and the Living Tree was left behind. It attempted to create more of its kind by making a magic circle out of twigs around a tall tree, and waiting for it to be struck by lightning. However, the Living Tree was driven away by Lord Arnulf before the magic circle was completed, and the tree was destroyed.

Over a course of weeks, the Living Tree made its way to Doveswold and hid in the Black Spinney, where it attempted another magic circle. Charles discovered it and observed its habits for several days. The party, sent by Rosamund to recapture the Living Tree, followed Charles to the Black Spinney and found the Living Tree. Amalie used detect thoughts to speak to it, and found that the tree could only hear commands spoken in Elven. The party commanded the Living Tree to follow them, and returned it to Rosamund in Sigurdsholm.

Since the Living Tree is too big to work in Rosamund’s conservatory, she has stationed it in the Royal Gardens. Ethel since discovered it and took a liking to it.

Living Tree

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