Aslaug Seidhrskjold

Image by Chloe Wright.

Aslaug Seidhrskjold was a powerful sorceress who helped Sigurd conquer Miklagard.


Aslaug was a native of the northern wastes, along with Sigurd.

According to the legends, Aslaug had a vision of a bountiful land across the sea, which inspired Sigurd to travel to the Woods to build a kingdom. Sigurd and Aslaug allied with many of the Borderlanders, who helped them fight against the creatures of the Woods. Aslaug’s powerful command of magic was integral to many of their victories.

They eventually founded Sigurdsholm, the first true settlement of Miklagard. After some time, Aslaug retired to her tower on Lake Aslaug, where she remained until her death.


  • Seidhrskjold Wizards’ College was later named after Aslaug.
  • Aslaug’s familiar is a subject of some debate. Some accounts claim it was a raven; others say it was a small grey fox.

Aslaug Seidhrskjold

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