Steel-Eyed Susan

Deader than (un)dead


Susan Rolfe was the former leader of a gang in the Sigurdsholm slums, and briefly an undead monstrosity.


“Steel-Eyed” Susan, so named for her intimidating stare, was the leader of a criminal gang on the streets of Sigurdsholm until she was caught and hanged for her crimes. Edwin made a deal with Fulkhard to revive her, and used her as a symbol to lead the Black Masks.

When the party defeated Clyde and Halde, Edwin brought Susan to the Seidhrskjold Wizards’ College library to ambush the party. Susan knocked Taavi out with a single blow and damaged Fionn Mac Tire, but was worn down by Damakos’ and Anastasirra‘s spells and was destroyed. Fionn took Susan’s head as a trophy and later buried it in the Doveswold churchyard, where it was found by the village priest.

Image source: Paizo Publishing.

Steel-Eyed Susan

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