Likes pina coladas and getting caught in the rain


Charles Ward is a shy young man from Doveswold with an interest in magical phenomena. He is brother to Dagmar and friend to Anselm.


Charles has always been uncomfortable in social situations. He enjoys taking long walks in the fields, and even venturing into the Black Spinney, a tangle of trees outside the village.

It was on one such walk that he encountered the Living Tree, which was hiding in the Black Spinney after fleeing Arnulf’s Grove. Charles returned to the Black Spinney for the next week, watching the Living Tree assemble a magic circle around another tree.

Repent, evildoer!
- Anastasirra’s thoughts upon “apprehending” Charles

The party followed Charles to the Black Spinney and found the Living Tree, which they returned to Seidhrskjold Wizards’ College. Amalie noticed Charles’ interest in magic and gave him several of her textbooks, which he is studying intently.

Image source: Album art for Mortuary Drape.


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