Trolls are a race of large, brutish fey with highly regenerative capabilities. They are easily deceived, and are often used as pawns by smarter fey.


Trolls mature quickly, growing to full size in just 1 to 2 years. A full-grown troll stands 9 to 11 feet tall, with long, clawed arms and a fanged maw. Their signature warty, green skin has a rubbery texture and is thick enough to shrug off most physical damage. Troll tissue regrows very quickly, healing their wounds in mere seconds. However, their regeneration can be halted by burns from fire or acid.

Because their cells replicate so quickly and freely, trolls are vulnerable to frequent mutations. Trolls adapt quickly to new environments, and even sometimes absorb the features and abilities of creatures they eat. For example, trolls have sometimes developed potent venom after consuming venomous snakes. Scholars theorize that a troll could overcome their vulnerability to fire and acid by consuming organisms resistant to burns. Thankfully, such a case has never been observed.


Trolls originated in the Feywild, where they quickly spread to every corner of the plane, adapting to every environment they encountered. Over the course of history, many trolls have been deceived or persuaded into serving other fey, including the archfey. Several wars have featured armies of conscripted trolls fighting on others’ behalf for the promise of food and shelter. On behest of their masters, some trolls have also crossed over into the mortal world.


Left to their own devices, trolls lead solitary lives. Like bears, they find a shelter, preferably a cave, and then forage and hunt for food in the nearby area. They fight fey and other trolls to defend their territory, fearing no harm thanks to their regeneration. Trolls do not raise their children, instead letting them fend for themselves in the wild.

Certain cunning and evil trolls devise more efficient methods of hunting. The infamous “Bridge Troll”, for example, set up camp beneath a bridge in the mortal world and ate anyone who tried to cross. Other trolls are more benevolent, and some even develop agreements with nearby settlements, offering protection in exchange for food and shelter.

Relations with other races

Trolls think roughly the same of all races, be they eladrin, hags, goblins, pixies, or otherwise.

Known trolls

  • Bog Standard, a troll who seems to know many things.
  • Grampf Grat, a dim but friendly troll who now follows Immeral.


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