The Woods

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In Miklagard, the wilderness is a frightful place. Nobles and common folk alike dare not stray far from the road; many peasants prefer to never leave their villages at all. In the Woods, wild magic reigns supreme. Land and sky take on eldritch features. Plants and fungi twist and distort themselves. And somewhere in the darkness, monsters roam the night.

Entire villages, entire towns have been swallowed by the Woods. Their ruins are there. You will find them if you venture far enough, but there is no guarantee you will return. After all, something killed them, and that same something could kill you. You can’t fight it. Not when you are a mortal, and it is a creature of magic.

The real reason adventurers are so remarkable is not because they are skilled or powerful. It is because they alone venture into the Woods, and emerge alive.


Dark places.

Fearsome Phenomena, isn’t it? But it’s not any more evil than, say, Plague or Wildfire. And to us, not any more dangerous. -Fionn Mac Tire

There is a presence that pervades the Woods, pooling in certain areas and contaminating them. Touched by this dark magic, plants and creatures are warped and twisted in strange and frightening ways. Trees may stretch out their limbs to strangle and choke, while ordinary animals become dangerous monstrosities. Heaven forbid any human should ever be claimed by the darkness of the Woods…

Dwarven Mountains. The northern edge of the Woods gives way to an immense mountain range, where the Dwarven Kingdom is centered. There are some outlying provinces and fiefdoms here, but the cold climate and harsh terrain repel most settlers. Beyond the Dwarven Mountains are the Northern Wastes, from which Miklagard’s founders hailed.

Dunfair. This stone watchtower was constructed by the Fionn Clan many centuries ago. From its vantage point astride a forested hill, Dunfair surveys a wide area of the Woods to the west of Sigurdsholm. Many hidden ranger trails lead to and from Dunfair, connecting it to other ranger bases and rest points. The Fionn Clan was massacred by the Intelligence Collective, which occupied the tower for a year until Fionn Mac Tire reclaimed it.

Lake Aslaug. This vast, shimmering lake marks the eastern boundary of Miklagard. There are several human settlements on its western shores, and the elven city-state of Alastamir lies to the north; the rest of the lake’s shores are ruled by the orcs. The lake is named for Aslaug Seidhrskjold, who retired to this area. Legends say she raised a huge tower here, but there is no evidence of such a tower today.

Port Adelaide. Miklagard’s second-largest city, Port Adelaide is a thriving port town on the southern shore of the realm. The area is notorious for roaming Water Wolves, though locals claim they are not as hostile and dangerous as the tales say.

Sigurdsholm Fields. The area around Sigurdsholm has been mostly cleared of forest and converted into farmland to support the capital city. At its center, Sigurdsholm sits atop an enormous mound, with Sigurd’s castle at its apex.

Southern Swamp. The southern peninsula of Miklagard is filled with murky waters and mud, inhabited by fearsome monsters, swamp elves, and exiled Borderlanders – not least, the dreaded Darkwater Witches. It is no place for the faint of heart to venture.

The Woods

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