Southern Swamp

The Southern Swamp is a large area of wetlands in the southern peninsula of Miklagard. It contains the town of Aenadell, several smaller villages, and an expanse of uncharted wilderness.


Aenadell. The largest town in the region, located on the northern edge of the swamp. Aenadell is home to a fair number of villagers, most of whom make a living off of the Iomall River or the swamp’s natural ecosystems. Aenadell also has its very own witch’s shop, owned and operated by Katarina Pendragon.

Black Bog. A small, gloomy patch of the swamp, adjacent to Darkwater. According to local folklore, it is always night in the Black Bog, and any who touch its darkness are sucked within. No one knows what lairs in the Black Bog… only that it is ancient, powerful, and willing to kill.

Darkwater. A large area controlled by the Darkwater Witches. Organic matter rots and decays more quickly in Darkwater, and the place is haunted by goblins, trolls, and worse.

Swamp Cabin. A mysterious shelter built deep in the swamp, far away from any village or town. Katarina sighted it from her broomstick above the swamp, but found it vanished upon closer inspection.


Citizens of Miklagard — mostly humans, dwarves, and tieflings — live in Aenadell and scattered villages throughout the swamp. They have learned to stay close to their settlements, lest they encounter some of their more dangerous neighbors.

Three tribes of Borderlanders sided against Sigurd and Aslaug Seidhrskjold when they arrived in the Woods. They lost the war and were forced back into the great swamp, where they have made a meager living for themselves. They dislike Miklagardians and other Borderlanders, but they will reluctantly harbor them as guests in times of need.

Wood elves reside in the wild places of the swamp, hiding in the forms of frogs, herons, and other swamp animals. Riklar was taken in by the swamp elves and raised in their way of life.

The Darkwater Witches have driven most seelie fey away from the Southern Swamp with their presence. Goblins, trolls, and other servants of the witches can be found prowling far and wide throughout the swamp, robbing and murdering those they come across.

The Intelligence Collective has a presence in the Southern Swamp, and is operating out of the swamp cabin. Their goals in the swamp remain unclear.

Southern Swamp

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