Shadow Order

To do what must be done
by Shadows in the light
when truth should not be seen
by those who fear the night.
-Inscription on Immeral’s Cloak

In courts across Miklagard you will hear rumors of figures who speak and strike from the darkness. If you know how to contact them and are willing to pay their price, you can name any man, woman, or child. Within a day they will pass on, by fluke accident or unseen blade.


The Shadow Order is a mysterious order of monks with a connection to shadow magic. They are based out of a teleporting monastery. Whenever darkness falls on the monastery it immediately teleports to a location where the light is about to return.

The Order is quite secretive, going to extreme means to keep their existence the stuff of rumors, and their intentions as mysterious as the shadows the wield. Their price is three-part. The first is silence, those who receive their service cannot speak another word about them on pain of death. The second is gold, to fund their true missions. The third is young blood. Every mission must be paid for with the life of a child, to be taken and converted to the order.

The process of granting shadow powers to someone is risky, and only become more dangerous as one gets older. By disrupting, then reforging the connection between one’s self and shadow through an artifact known as “The Fire”, the Order can grant incredible power. The Fire was originally created and used by a Faction of Eladrin called the Nephil. The ritual has never been successfully performed on anyone who has grown more than a year old, and is very risky at any age, with only one in ten who are put through it coming out both alive and mentally stable.


It was through such means that the Shadow Order created and trained Immeral. The Order linked his soul to the shadows, and began to teach him martial combat. While Immeral was in Sigurdsholm to fetch supplies, a rare solar eclipse took place, and the monastery teleported elsewhere.

After speaking to Garwin, Immeral became concerned that the Shadow Order was looking for him, and began to take precautions against them. He also bought a cloak previously belonging to the Shadow Order from Garwin.

Shadow Order

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