Seidhrskjold Wizards' College

Seidhrskjold Wizards’ College is named in honor of Aslaug Seidhrskjold, a powerful magic-user who helped Sigurd establish Sigurdsholm some 400-500 years ago.

Seidhrskjold: pronounced “say-thur-skyold”, translating to “magic-shield”.

Basic Rules/Information

  • Don’t do anything that would get the City Guard involved. The university has had many accidents in the past, some of which endangered the city at large. Don’t do it.
  • Sorcerers and warlocks are not allowed to study at the university, and there is widespread hatred and disdain for them among the students and staff. Archmage Adelheidis is trying to change public opinion and policy, as she believes sorcerers can be molded into “responsible” magic-users through proper schooling. Some students at the school are sorcerers and just don’t know it; magic has always come easily to them, but they consider themselves wizards.
  • Most of the Wizards’ College classes are open to students at the Bard College, which is a separate entity. Students at the Divinity School run by the Iron Trinity Church can also take some courses here.

Academic Departments

  • The Abjuration Department works in close partnership with the Divinity School.
  • The Botany Department is a cross-disciplinary field of study, joining conjuration, transmutation, and enchantment spells, among others, into the study and control of natural and magical flora.
  • The Conjuration Department, the most profitable and powerful department of all, has more or less taken over the university’s administration.
  • The Divination Department is in charge of not only predicting the future, but also recording the history of Miklagard, and placing events on the troublesome lunar calendar. Their top researchers announce to the Queen when important lunar holidays are approaching.
  • The Enchantment Department teaches many spells that are of dubious morality, such as charm spells. However, no one ever questions this or tries to restrict their research, at least not for long.
  • Professor Peralay is the Queen’s official Royal War Mage, and she leads the Evocation Department in devising new destructive spells to be used against Miklagard’s enemies. Many students of evocation may go on to be battle mages.
  • No one’s entirely sure what goes on in the Illusion Department, not even the illusion students themselves.
  • The Necromancy Department studies magical healing and other spells that manipulate life energy. The Necromancy Department is very explicitly NOT allowed to create, conjure, or study the undead, and this rule is strictly enforced by the Iron Trinity Church. Many students and professors of necromancy resent this rule.
  • The Transmutation Department is a wealthy and developed department, and many of its graduates go on into lucrative alchemical careers.
  • The Zoology Department is a cross-disciplinary field of study, joining conjuration, transmutation, and enchantment spells, among others, into the study and control of natural and magical fauna.

Campus Layout

  • The Evocation Department’s buildings are located a safe distance away from the rest of campus, and are fenced off by gates with arcane wards. This hasn’t stopped them from blowing up other buildings in the past.
  • The Zoology Department has its own bestiary, a well-fortified building where many small animals are kept, along with taxidermied specimens of larger creatures. It used to have holding pens for live animals of large size, but this went poorly and those spaces were eventually repurposed.
  • The Botany Department has an extensive conservatory filled with myriad species of plant, kept under magically-maintained perfect growing conditions.
  • No one is entirely sure where the Illusion Department’s buildings are, as they’ve long since been hidden by a blanket of illusory spells.
  • The Seidhrskjold Wizards’ College Library is a massive, dungeon-like complex filled with every known spell scroll, potion recipe, ritual, treatise on theoretical magic, and natural handbook known to humankind… along with several other documents that have been completely forgotten.
  • The Conjuration Department is in charge of not only the teaching of conjuration classes, but also the storage and transport of all magical books, records, and artifacts in the possession of the university. Many of these items are sequestered in the Great Library, but many more are hidden somewhere else entirely. Their exact location is known only to the Archmage and a select few conjurers whose job it is to teleport those items to their resting place.

Faculty and Staff

  • Ainsley Adamar, Department Head of Enchantment. Adamar watches his students closely, calling them in for regular meetings about their studies and their career path. His students and staff alike are very fond of him.
  • Nellwyn Adelheidis, Archmage of Seidhrskjold, and former Department Head of Conjuration. Adelheidis keeps close company with the Queen.
  • Bertrand, an old and slow-moving librarian.
  • Melinda Godfrey, Department Head of Necromancy. Melinda runs her small classes on a first-name basis, and often complains about the Church’s hostile attitudes towards necromancy.
  • Ingvar, an earnest young librarian.
  • Elaine Peralay, Department Head of Evocation. Peralay, noble by birth, is the Queen’s Royal War Mage, and encourages evocation students to join the fledgling wizard corps of the Miklagardian Army.
  • Rosamund, Department Head of Botany. Rosamund is an elf raised among humans, and is more than a little batty. Her experiments have been known to grow out of control, e.g. the Living Tree.
  • Ronald Tancred, Department Head of Transmutation. Tancred takes the practice of magic very seriously, and is known for his strict rules and academic oversight.
  • Robert Theodemar, Professor of Zoology. Theodemar has a very hands-on approach to learning, and often begins class by wrestling a live specimen into the lecture hall.
  • Louis Gary Volk, a researcher in the Zoology Department. He is best known for his work on Dire Animals.


  • Amalie, a student hungry for knowledge but short on cash.
  • Audrey, a workaholic studying zoology. Her familiar is a brown cat, nearly as dark as her skin, known as Felix.
  • Brynn, a gregarious student with colorful hair. Her parents demand she study transmutation, but her passion is for diplomacy.
  • Cynebald, a new student overwhelmed and undecided about his field of study. He has a huge crush on Aubrey, but only asked her out after Amalie encouraged him.
  • Edgar, an eager and impulsive evocation student who nearly set Osric’s apartment on fire.
  • E.J.W., the initials of a student killed by Forman. Their bag of holding was given to Garwin.
  • Grace, a quiet student in the Divinity School.
  • Halde, an antisocial necromancy student. Amalie is the one person she considers a friend.
  • Henrietta, a brilliant conjuration student — and quite proud of it. She will brag about her classes to anyone willing to listen.
  • Markus, an enchantment student who uses his spells as psychedelics and party tricks.
  • Mashkula, a foreign exchange student from Albahr Al’asfar.
  • Roger, an illusion student with a fetish for elves. His cuddle threesome with Immeral and Anastasirra was the greatest experience of his life.
  • Osric, a conjuration student who’s completed his studies and landed an apprenticeship. He lives in the same apartment building as Halde.

Seidhrskjold Wizards' College

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