Racial Deities

These minor deities are the patrons of specific races. Most ascended to divinity after the creation of the world. They have fewer worshippers and less power than the Celtic Pantheon, but can still bestow divine power on clerics and paladins who follow their commandments.

Bahamut, dragon god of justice and light (LG).

  • Domains: Life, Light
  • Symbols: Platinum dragon, shield/scale
  • Worshippers: Dragons, humans

Tiamat, dragon goddess of greed and revenge (CE).

  • Domains: Tempest, Trickery
  • Symbol: Five-pointed, five-colored star
  • Worshippers: Dragons

Bahamut and Tiamat are locked in eternal combat to decide the true deity of all dragons. This dynamic is represented by religious bracelets that depict two serpents eating each other’s tails. Neither can best the other in a physical duel, so they have made the mortal world their tiebreaker. When the world ends, Bahamut and Tiamat will be strengthened by the worship of mortal dragons, and the stronger shall destroy the other. They are unconcerned with other affairs. The followers of Bahamut and Tiamat are much more active and involved in the mortal world. The Church of Bahamut is a Lawful Good religion whose followers comport themselves with honor and justice. Tiamat’s worshippers are individualistic and disdain organization, and live their lives in the thrall of greed and spite.

Moradin, dwarf god of home and hearth (TN).

  • Domain: Moradin does not grant divine magic
  • Symbol: Fist holding hammer
  • Worshippers: Dwarves

All dwarves venerate Moradin, the Dwarf Father, as the creator and guardian of their race. He was and remains a servant of Dunatis, the Celtic god of mountains, but has taken on a new portfolio as protector of the dwarven home and hearth.

Corellon Larethian, eladrin deity of beauty, art, and magic (TN).

  • Domains: Knowledge, Magic
  • Symbol: Eight-pointed star
  • Worshippers: High elves, eladrin

Sehanine Moonbow, eladrin goddess of the moons (TN).

  • Domain: Knowledge
  • Symbol: Crescent moons
  • Worshippers: Wood elves, eladrin

Corellon Larethian and Sehanine Moonbow are the most powerful of the Seldarine, the elven deities who ascended in the early days of elvenkind. They rule over a hidden realm in the Feywild, and grant spells to protect the elven way of life. There are rumors that the Seldarine pantheon once included more deities, but those deities are now gone, if they ever did exist in the first place.

Liria, goddess of joy (CG).

  • Domain: Life
  • Symbol: Triangle of three six-sided stars
  • Worshippers: Humans

Liria is a goddess of joy and vitality. She was once an angel in service to Branwen, the Celtic goddess of love. When Branwen was killed, some of her power was transferred to Liria, elevating her to become a lesser deity. She now stands as a goddess of joy and, in some sects, mourning.

Gruumsh One-Eye, orc god of strength (CE).

  • Domains: Tempest, War
  • Symbol: Eyepatch with bones
  • Worshippers: Orcs

Gruumsh was the greatest orc warrior in all of history, known for sacking many lands of the Elven Empire. Upon his death, he ascended to godhood, and immediately allied with The Morrigan, becoming subservient to her. Orcs, especially male orcs, pray to him for his gift of furious strength in battle.

The Greatmother, tiefling goddess of home and heritage (LG).

  • Domain: The Greatmother does not grant divine magic
  • Symbol: Unknown
  • Worshippers: Tieflings

The Greatmother ascended from the soul of Esvene Kulenov, the first tiefling. She was a benevolent human woman who was tricked by Asmodeus into creating the tiefling race. The six children she bore, all cursed with infernal magic, were the foundation of the six tiefling bloodlines. Tieflings revere her as a protector of their race.

Racial Deities

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