Pixies are a tiny, humanoid race of the Feywild. They are known for being hedonistic, playful, and occasionally manic.


Pixies range in size, some standing as tall as eight inches, others being no larger than three. Colorful and slight, Pixies have insectoid features including one or more of the following: wings, compound eyes, or antennae. They are a magical race, able to cast powerful, albeit tiny, spells. They have a visible aura: colorful lights and sparkles dance around them. These lights are glowing particles of “pixie dust”, a substance pixies emanate from their wings. It is a powerful magical reagent and stimulant, and has been implicated in pixies’ manic behavior.

Unlike elves, pixies sleep rather than trance. They spend up to 14 hours a day napping in flowers, preferring sunny areas. Pixies live in a wide variety of environments in the Feywild, including forests, meadows, and mountains. They feed primarily on nectar, leaves, and fruit.
A pixie, resembling a luna moth


There is not a lot of history to pixies. They have no political system or class structure, and have not accomplished much as a race (perhaps due to too much pixie dust?).


Pixies value their own happiness above all else. They spend their days enjoying themselves however they see fit, frequently gathering for social events.

Warrior pixies find joy in fighting, and will start combat with just about anything, no matter the size. They arm themselves with their teeth, claws, and, occasionally, pixie-crafted weapons. Their armor is modeled after the exoskeletons of insects and provides a considerable amount of protection from bugs, small mammals, and eladrin.


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