Miklagardian Common: “Fake English”

Given that Miklagard is a fantasy counterpart of Great Britain, it stands to reason that Miklagardian is the equivalent of English. Native Miklagardians exhibit a variety of Uk Regional Accents from Received Pronunciation, Cockney, Midlands pronunciation, and even Australian-ish.

Borderlanders exhibit a variety of accents too. The barbarian dialect is close to Southern-American/Appalachian English. The Ranger Dialect is closer to Midwestern-American/Inland north English.

Iomallcant (Borderlandese)

The heavily Gaelic-Influenced language spoken by the Borderlanders, and some associated groups. The Borderlander language, despite the rich complexity, cultural work, and history behind it, has relatively little influence outside of historical research, and for the Kieron Mercenary Clans, Military code.

Borderlander Script was created by the first early humans in contact with dwarves. While Dwarves did provide the technology first used for writing (in the form of runic carving tools), The Borderlander alphabet differed visibly in form from the Dwarven alphabet. Many of the glyphs that were borrowed from Dwarven were used to convey different sounds.

Later, The Borderlanders created a handwritten “Cursive” font adapted from The Common Tongue Alphabet. Hence, Archaic Borderlander Tomes and carved inscriptions (e.g. stone, or wood) use The Runic Alphabet. More recent handwritten works, however, are almost exclusively in Cursive. (Cursive also gave way to the creation of “lenition”-a Consonant change used to indicate tense and possession, but translated words and Iomallcant Loan-words in the Miklagardian language usually substitute the more phonetically correct sounding vowel )


Borderlander Profanity (Because Borderlanders love to cuss):

Buydshe: Lit. “Witchcraft”; Analogous to “Bloody Hell!!” or “Bullshit!”

Plaga-Gos-Achrach: Lit. “Plague and Starvation”; Analogous to “Goddamnit”

Diogail Bod: Lit. “Eat a Dick”. Exactly as it says on the tin

Faigh-Bas/Faigh-Bas na ch-(…) Lit. “Die!/Die from ___”. The Borderlander “F-U”

(…)-Slataire Lit. “One who lusts after___(Usually Animals, Orcs, Fey, or Demons)”. A ___-Fcker

And The list goes on, depending on the Said Borderlander’s Creativity.


This harshly-spoken script is primarily spoken by devils and the populace of the Nine Hells. In the material plane, Infernal is primarily used as the at-home language of tieflings, although they mostly prefer to speak Miklagardian Common when outside of the house.

Infernal is a grating language with many harsh consonants and very few soft sounds. Thus, it can seem extremely malevolent when in fact used to discuss mundane topics.

In the Infernal script, words are denoted by sinusoidal curves which change concavity at the beginning and end of a syllable. The letters are specified by markings made around or across the word-curve. Infernal is read from left to right.

Reading Infernal by the light of a fire causes the reader to absorb more information from the script than reading it by any other source of light would. This information is not concrete, but rather extremely emotional – powerful infernal beings can imbue their writings with their emotions about the topic as they write it. The reader will absorb the emotion to a degree proportional to the power of the original writer.


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