Iron Trinity Church

Image by Chloe Wright.

The Iron Trinity Church is the most powerful religion in Miklagard. It is based in Sigurdsholm, where it holds services in its Grand Cathedral on Temple Row. The Church has close ties to the Royal Family and Seidhrskjold Wizards’ College, through which it enforces its agenda.


The Church is dedicated to the “Iron Trinity”, three deities of the Celtic Pantheon who most support human expansion and development: Belenus, Brigantia, and Goibhniu. The Church has many commandments and beliefs. It opposes fiends and undead wherever they arise, and believes humanity should conquer the Woods and create more settlements.

The Church has a highly organized hierarchy of clerks, clerics, and paladins. Clerks run minor errands and tasks, and keep the Church’s bureaucracy running smoothly. Clerics lead services and rituals, and bestow divine magic on missions. Paladins enforce the Church’s will through military strength and tactics. The ultimate leader of the Church is the Archdeacon, who has the authority to alter commandments or issue new ones.

The Church works with the Wizards’ College to track the movements of the celestial bodies, by which the lunar calendar is determined.

Anastasirra reported her suspicions about Ingeborg’s shrine to a clerk in the Church. After Cuthbert turned away several commoners seeking clerical cures for their minor ailments, Anastasirra magically cured their ills and told them about Bahamut. A clerk later approached Anastasirra and asked her not to proselytize in the cathedral.

Iron Trinity Church

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