Intelligence Collective

The Intelligence Collective is a organization created by Lord Valakan with the ability to share memories and mental attributes. Led by the “Supreme Intelligence”, their mission is apparently to create the ultimate mortal mind.

The Collective is capable of warping its members in body and mind through transmutation magic. They also exhibit a powerful mental magic that defies categorization. Individual members of the Collective act on their own initiative, but can be telepathically contacted and commanded by nearby members. A member can contact any other member in the Collective by connecting to a “flesh terminal” grown by their sickening magical rituals. These flesh terminals are the means by which the Collective transfers mental attributes and abilities between its members.


The Intelligence Collective was responsible for the massacre at Dunfair, and afterwards took control of the tower. There, they performed grisly experiments and made a “gibbering pit” out of the survivors. One year later, Fionn Mac Tire led the party to Dunfair, and purged the Intelligence Collective from the tower. Reaper Eye escaped, used a flesh terminal to gain access to more spells, and fled into the Woods.

The party followed Reaper Eye to the Southern Swamp. Reaper Eye rejoined the Intelligence Collective, which was operating out of a mysterious Swamp Cabin. The party made their way to the cabin and infiltrated it. They found the Captain waiting for them, who explained they had sent Reaper Eye and the other troops to besiege the Darkwater Witches, and offered an alliance. The party agreed to retrieve a ring of special importance for the Captain, in exchange for their share of the treasure and the freedom of the children enslaved by the hags. The Captain promised to meet them at Darkwater, and then teleported away.


  • The Captain: An armored figure leading the operations in the Southern Swamp.
  • Cave Serpent: Wild pythons mutated to act as guard animals.
  • The Eyeless: Humanoids with their eyes surgically removed. Capable of strong mental magic.
  • Flesh Terminal: A tentacled, anemone-like structure that grows out of the earth. Non-Collective beings experience minor headaches while near flesh terminals, and contact with their tentacles can cause mental pain and a desire to assimilate into the Collective. A being that harms a flesh terminal feels an echo of its pain transmitted into their mind.
  • Nothic: Spiny, one-eyed humanoids made out of scholars and other strong-willed people, which retain some independent will. Capable of destabilizing others’ minds with a glance. Reaper Eye and Muffin were assigned to watch over the gibbering pit and pick out any important information from its babbling.
  • Nuckelavee: Animate piles of blood and viscera, byproducts of the conversion process and failed experiments. Gibbering nuckelavee, containing the eyes and teeth of their components, can regurgitate thoughts, sounds, and memories, and can attack with blinding spittle. Nuckelavee were named by Fionn Mac Tire after a Borderlander boogeyman that eats wicked people’s souls and turns them into “living meat stew”.
  • Rager: Barbarians from the Southern Swamp, covered in red, glowing orbs that amplify and share their primal rage with enemies around them. Falco Mac Ruaidh was one such rager.
  • Skin Cloak: A quilt of stretched human skin and beast fangs, made as an experiment in Dunfair. Capable of shapeshifting, flight, phantasms, and psychic moans.
  • Warden: Humanoid beings with armor fused to their flesh, serving as soldiers of the Collective. Capable of short-distance teleportation and minor telekinesis.

Intelligence Collective

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