Goblins are a cunning, mischievous race of the Feywild. They use their arcane arts to mislead and deceive others for the simple pleasure of outsmarting them.


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Goblins live in small villages, often hidden away within the earth or the trees, and concealed under several layers of illusions. They set elaborate magical and nonmagical traps around their territories to trap both prey animals and hapless travelers. Goblins rarely cause any serious harm to captured travelers, but do enjoy laughing at them before they release them elsewhere.

Goblins have a close relationship to small animals, which they can charm and communicate with. They tend to eat small mammals and birds, but sometimes keep reptiles, amphibians, or invertebrates as pets.

Relations with other races

Since time immemorial, goblins have venerated Oberon, and often taken part in his grand tricks and schemes. During a period when he opposed Titania, Oberon recruited the goblins as part of a grand assault/prank on the cities of the eladrin. Through a series of events that remains murky and unclear to this day, the joke got out of control, and multiple eladrin lost their lives. The eladrin have hated the goblins ever since, and sought vengeance for their fallen kin.

Goblins regard most mortal races equally: as potential targets for their next trick. Goblins have been known to cross into the mortal realm and sell cursed “magic” items, illusionary gold, and other worthless goods to unassuming mortals. They particularly enjoy making fools out of elves, who remind them of the eladrin.

Known goblins

  • Agatha, a good-natured goblin who fled the Feywild and set up shop in Sigurdsholm.
  • Davda, a goblin working for the Darkwater Witches who trained and oversaw the Hydra.
  • Several goblins who ambushed the party in the Southern Swamp with Grampf Grat. One goblin was captured by the party and coerced into drawing them a map, then released.


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