Giants are a race of wise, enormous fey who slumber in the peaceful places of the Feywild.


A newly born giants stands 12 feet tall, with thick, purple skin and one large eye in the center of its forehead. As giants grow older, they grow additional eyes all over their body, although they always have an odd number of eyes. During their many naps, they accumulate “shells” of earth, stone, and foliage.

Giants grow slowly but steadily bigger over the course of their long lives, with no evident upper limit to their size. The oldest known giants are as big as mountains, and behave like them, too, spending most of their time in a deep sleep.

Giants have an inherent connection to weather. From birth, they can change the weather immediately around them to suit their preferences, and channel weather magic to use for utility or defense. An elder giant can control the weather for miles around.

Some giants have been found slumbering at the bottom of the Feywild’s great oceans. Scholars continually debate whether they come up for air every century or so, or whether they do not need to breathe at all.


Giants are solitary creatures. Their preferred activity is to sleep in a comfortable corner of the Feywild, contemplating life, nature, and the weather. What a giant dreams of is unknown, but they somehow acquire a great deal of worldly knowledge through their sleep. Giants can be woken by offerings or rituals performed by fey or mortals, and may dispense advice and wisdom to travelers who seek them out

Most giants develop a preference for a particular season or type of weather, such as sunny summer days, blustery winter nights, or terrific thunderstorms. Once old enough, they find a suitable spot in the Feywild and go to sleep there, transforming the weather around them to match their preferences.

Relations with other races

Giants take the long view of the universe, and do not bother making petty distinctions between races. They treat all fey and mortals alike, and try to treat them with kindness. They will give advice to any being who asks properly and politely, and is patient enough to wait for their answer.

Giants have little concern for time, even less than other fey, and move at their own pace: very, v e r y,
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Mortals are often frustrated by how long it can take for a giant to ponder a problem and decide on a course of action. Giants, for their part, are bewildered that mortals rush to judgment so quickly, and consider this the reason for most of the mortal world’s problems.

Giants are extremely slow to anger, and will only move against another creature if they have caused them a great degree of harm for a long period of time. A truly furious giant has never been observed in recorded history, and scholars hope that one never is.


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