The Feywild is the Plane of Faerie, a mystical realm that exists parallel to the mortal plane. It is a whimsical place, full of vibrant and diverse forms of life.


The Feywild is covered in immense forests, swamps, and oceans, all teeming with life. Landmarks in the plane are consistently present, but the distances between them are variable with every trip. For example, the distance from the city Cenaliese to the Purple Mountain is always three days, but the trip back can take anywhere from five to seven. The fey are used to these shifts in geography and travel time, but the effect can be very disconcerting to mortal travelers.

Sequestered throughout the Feywild are the domains of the archfey, the most powerful faeries of all. Their power rivals small deities, and they command specific portfolios, such as seasons, sleep, and beauty. The archfey are divided into four loose “courts”: the Summer Court, the Winter Court, the Sea Court, and the Gloaming Court. The different courts are, depending on the century, rivals, teammates, or bitter enemies, often all at once. Archfey of the different courts convene when their hearts desire, and accomplish very little at their meetings.


In the Feywild, there is no such thing as a truly dumb beast. All animals (and many plants and fungi) have a glimmer of intelligence, whether malign or simply mischievous. This can make the Feywild’s creatures extremely helpful or highly dangerous to travelers (sometimes both).

Eladrin are the most “civilized” fey, who grow stunning cities out of the natural landscape with faerie magic. They live for millennia, and spend their lifetimes exploring that which piques their curiosity. Eladrin have been known to sit and stargaze for decades at a time, or spend a century working on a magnificent painting. Many thousands of years ago, a sizable population of eladrin left the Feywild to explore the mortal plane, eventually giving rise to the Elves.

Ettercaps are arachnoid fey with a special bond to spiders. They breed and raise spiders for their silk, as hunting animals, and as pets (although never as food). Many ettercaps were killed off in an age-old war among the eladrin, for reasons that are lost to history. As a result, ettercaps mostly keep to themselves in small dens, wary of the other fey.

Giants are rare, enormous entities born of the stone and earth of the Feywild. They come into being as 12-foot cyclops, and steadily grow larger over the eons, gaining additional eyes (always an odd number) as they grow. Giants are wise and benevolent, and spend most of their lifetimes sleeping.

Goblins are the tricksters of the Feywild, and commonly enemies to the eladrin. They reside in hidden dens and burrows throughout the land, playing tricks on wanderers alike with their illusions and enchantments. Goblins commonly cross into the mortal plane to play tricks on mortals, who are considerably easier to fool than fey.

Hags are horrific vulture-like fey with a passion for death and decay. Dead fey do not rot unless within the confines of a hag’s lair. Hags use dark magic to menace fey and mortals alike, becoming known as the “wicked witches” of the world.

Pixies are common all over the Feywild. They hatch from their eggs fully formed, and live their brief lifetimes in a whirlwind of sex and hedonism. Pixies naturally exude pixie dust, a powerful arcane reagent and stimulant that is intoxicating even to other fey. The eladrin and other fey are often frustrated by pixies, but have learned to live with them.

Trolls are simpleminded and humble fey with potent regenerative abilities. They are content to live peaceful lives in the wilderness, but can be convinced or coerced to serve other fey. Their effusive regeneration allows them to ignore most wounds, and makes them highly adaptable to new environments and hazards.


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