Eladrin make their home in the Feywild, where they are few and far between. They are a magically inclined, relaxed, and long-lived race. Rarely leaving the Feywild, eladrin are an uncommon sight on the mortal plane, although some members of the race may frequent other planes.


Ancestors of mortal elves, eladrin are similar in build: slender and petite. Their most notable features include their long, pointed ears, their shimmering skin and hair in a rainbow of colors, and their bright eyes with neither pupil nor sclera. Eladrin are one of the longest-lived races, although it’s unclear exactly how long they live. Unlike humans or elves, the natural death of an eladrin is not a quick process. A dying eladrin will slowly fade into the Feywild, becoming more and more ethereal until their physical form ceases to exist. Eladrin living in the Feywild have far longer lifespans than eladrin living in the mortal plane, due to stresses caused by the vastly different environments. Eladrin are inherently magical creatures, able to quickly and easily develop their spellcasting abilities.


Along with being one of the longest-lived races, eladrin are also one of the oldest. Eladrin have lived in the Feywild since before there were elves or humans. A small number of these ancestral eladrin, the Seldarine, ascended to godhood in the early days of elves. Two of these deities are well known today, Corellon Larethian and Sehanine Moonbow.

Elves descended from eladrin hundreds of thousands of years ago when they permanently crossed into the mortal plane and interbred with humans. High elves consider themselves the closest relatives to eladrin, although this is unconfirmed and it is likely that wood elves have as much fey blood as high elves.

Eladrin have remained in the Feywild, their elven descendants creating empires and settlements in the mortal plane.


Eladrin culture is largely nonexistent. There is little interaction between eladrin, and the political system of the Feywild meets extraordinarily rarely and sporadically. Because of their relaxed nature, eladrin do not care for structured events or holidays. Most do not worship gods, although the popular gods among the few religious eladrin are Corellon and Sehanine.

There is no class structure in eladrin society.

Relations with other races

Eladrin have little contact with most races, and almost no contact with others, including dwarves, orcs, humans, and tieflings.

Eladrin are well respected by high elves, despite the intimidation felt by high elves when confronted with eladrin. Eladrin do not care for the complex political system developed by the high elves, but their general sentiments towards high elves are not negative.

Eladrin appreciate the continued connection with nature of wood elves. Like wood elves, eladrin build their homes through nature, eladrin constructing buildings out of stone into mountains and wood elves constructing cottages from live trees.

Goblins are the enemies of eladrin. Goblins are the tricksters of the Feywild, and eladrin dislike the disruption of peace they cause.


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