Dragon Bugs

Image by Chloe Wright.

Dragon Bugs are scaled arboreal creatures with reptilian and insectile traits.


All dragon bugs are large creatures, with scaly armor plating and long, diaphanous wings. They have insectile mandibles and compound eyes, but reptilian claws and tails.

Some breeds can spit corrosive venom, while others can rub their wings together to unleash staggering sonic attacks.

Dragon bugs nest in treetop assemblies in the Woods, built by a colony of dragon bugs out of sticks, leaves, and debris, glued together by their spittle. They are territorial and will attack intruders, but are generally not aggressive when out hunting.

Dragon bugs feed on small mammals, reptiles, and sometimes fish.


The party passed by a dragon bug nest on their way to Dunfair. On their way back, they were ambushed by a madman of the Kieron clan who claimed to serve the “Dark Heart of the Woods” and compelled several dragon bugs to attack them. The party slew these dragon bugs and the madman.

Image by Neel Bose.

Dragon Bugs

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