Doveswold is a quiet, idyllic farmers’ village at the southern edge of the great Sigurdsholm Fields. The Woods are but a stone’s throw away.


The Living Tree made its way to Doveswold several weeks after being chased out of Arnulf’s Grove. It hid in the Black Spinney, a tangled knot of trees at the intersection of several fields. Rosamund, its creator, hired the party to retrieve it. They stopped by at the village pub, and spent the night at Anselm’s house, where they received an enormous breakfast.

Fionn Mac Tire buried Steel-Eyed Susan’s head in the village churchyard. The next day, several of the priests noticed the disturbance and began to dig it up. The head priest made discriminatory remarks to Damakos, who responded by cowing the priests with his infernal magic.

When the party traveled to Dunfair, they left Maude in Doveswold for four days. They eventually returned and caused a scene at the pub.


  • Anselm, a friendly and generous man who loves to cook for anyone who comes through.
  • Carl, an eager young lad who runs the village stables.
  • Charles, a quiet, thoughtful man who goes for long walks in the fields and the Black Spinney.
  • Dagmar, Charles’ sister, the bartender at the local pub and Maude’s good friend.
  • The village priest, who has been preaching for 35 years about the evils of tieflings and fiends.
  • An old woman who is friends with the priest, and became more accepting of tieflings after speaking to Amalie.
  • Several attractive young adults whom Immeral convinced to have an orgy (without him). Somehow…Fionn Mac Tire was there.

I’m extremely fast, in all regards. ;) -Immeral

Did…that just happen? -Fionn Mac Tire


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