Dire Animals

Image by Neel Bose.

Dire Animals (from Borderlandese “Deoyaor” – Anomalous or Unnatural) are mostly mammalian creatures that are mutated by the spots of dark magic in The Woods.


The most common distortions include red eyes with vertical pupils, bony growths on the spine, and patches of hairless in skin around areas of increased bone and muscle mass.

Dire animals are generally more aggressive and brutal than their natural counterparts, and can cause serious disruptions in the local environment. Some dire animals have been observed hunting their own kin and even mortals.


Louis-Gary Volk of Seidhrskjold Wizards’ College commissioned several rangers from the Fionn clan, including Fionn mac Tire, to help him find and study a Direwolf. The rangers brought him to a Direwolf pack, and he was able to observe several specimens.

Dire Animals

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