Darkwater Witches

The Darkwater Witches are a coven of hags, and their dark fey servants, who menace the Southern Swamp.


The Darkwater Witches crossed over from the Feywild many generations ago, bringing goblin and troll servants with them. The goblins and trolls menace travelers through the swamp with cruel and sometimes lethal tricks and traps. The Darkwater Witches themselves rarely bother with mortals, unless the mortals have something they desire — in which case, they lay terrible curses on them and take what they want. Worse, the witches periodically kidnap children from Aenadell and bring them back to their hidden lair, never to be seen again.

Some years ago, one of the Darkwater Witches stole a seven-year-old child from Aenadell while Frida and two other guards were on duty. The guards followed them into the swamp, but were waylaid by goblin illusions and charged into a troll den. Frida’s compatriots were torn apart and devoured, and a troll bit off three of Frida’s fingers before she could escape the den. She eventually made her way back to Aenadell, and has nursed a personal hatred of the Darkwater Witches, and the trolls, ever since.

When the party arrived in Aenadell, pursuing Reaper Eye, Frida cautioned them against going into the swamp, lest they encounter the Darkwater Witches. Once they convinced her of their strength, Frida gave them advice for traveling in the swamp and fighting the dark fey.

Half a day’s travel into the swamp, the party was distracted by magical lights and ambushed by a patrol of goblins and a troll. The party killed two goblins, captured a third, and subdued the troll. The remaining goblins transformed into crows and fled the scene.

Darkwater Witches

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