Demons live for destruction, and devils live for corruption, but daemons live for cruelty alone.

Daemons are the ultimate Neutral Evil force. They are cruel, miserable, selfish beings who hate the happiness of others. Whereas a demon would lay waste to a kingdom, and a devil would manipulate an entire empire to fall into depravity, a daemon would use all its methods and resources to wipe the smile off a single child’s face. Not an important child, or a special child — just a single child, whose smile was too bright.

Why? Because daemons are miserable. Gwydion, god of magic, created them from his angels and then abandoned them to Abaddon, a desolate plane of danger and suffering. They are torn between demons and devils, and hated by each. They are forsaken by the gods and left to rot in their prison of malaise. Daemons are suffering. And the only way they can think to relieve that suffering is to force it on others.

Daemons’ ultimate goal is the eradication of happiness from all other beings. They want mortals to see their livelihood wither and die, see their friends and family in agony, and see their futures darken. All hope will be lost. They seek this goal by ruining mortal lives, one by one, making their victims truly suffer. In this way, they proliferate themselves. Mortals with ruined, shattered lives are more likely to become Neutral Evil, and when Neutral Evil mortals die, they send their souls to become daemons in Abaddon. The vicious circle continues.

How do daemons ruin lives? Their first objective is to cross into the mortal world. Like all other fiends, their paths to the mortal world are limited. To this end, daemons use deception and misdirection to trick mortals into summoning them. They advertise their services as excellent mercenaries, as information brokers, or as helpful magicians. Daemons will offer to kill your enemy, tell you the lost secret of a fallen empire, or make a person fall in love with you. Unlike demons, daemons may actually follow their promises; but unlike devils, they may not. It all depends on how much suffering there is to be gleaned. If killing your enemy would make enemies of all your friends, a daemon will do it. If telling the secret will make you aghast at the horrible truth, a daemon will do it. If forcing love on your beloved will make your love hollow and cold, a daemon will do it. Then they will offer to fix what has gone wrong, only to twist the knife further with every wish granted. When you are a sobbing wreck, a shell of your former self, a daemon will take your payment and leave you to your fate.


Miklagard Andrew_White