Borderlander Migration into Miklagard

Early History

Despite the rich mythology behind the history of The Borderlander Clans within Miklagard, there is very little information about the actual point of Origin for The Borderlander peoples. Borderlander Oral Traditions contain large amounts of information on The Conflict between Borderlanders and The Elven Empire to the Northeast, and the cordial relationship between Dwarves and Borderlanders to The North, but asides from descriptions of “Traveling Westward to Ma Coyaugh Ard(”Great Mother forest")", and being borne from a Massive White Owlbear (while a rare creature, they have been found in Mountainous Regions close to The Miklagardian Forest), theories have been limited to some theoretical boreal forest or Taiga in the east.

Settlement in The Elven Empire and The Alastamir Massacre

Some time during Early Human History, The Borderlanders came into Conflict With The Elven Empire, settling on The Outskirts of The Empire. The Relationship was for the most part neutral, but after the apocryphal execution of two Borderlander Bandits, Tribes retaliated by marching en masse to The capital themselves. After a brief, but bloody riot, in which many Elves and Borderlanders were killed. The Elven Emperor decreed a massive deportation campaign. A few of The tribes retreated, but those who remained were slaughtered Mercilessly.

Several of the Deserted Borderlander Villages around Alastamir have large Earthen mounds that are said to be Mass Graves filled with countless Human remains. As a result, The Borderlanders call Elves, particularly High Elves, Aen Sheiy which means both “Faeries of The Hills” and is a Homophone of Ainye Sheiy (lit. “Malicious or Evil Faeries”).

The Brief Dwarven Alliance

Borderlanders would wander westward, forming trade relationships wit The Dwarves Kingdoms to The North. The Relationship was for the most part Cordial. Borderlanders first learned to read and write by forming their language from an adapted version of The Dwarven Script. Borderlanders began learning about Metallurgy and Swordsmanship from Dwarven Blacksmiths (before then, Borderlanders fought primarily with Stone and wooden Bows, Spears, Axes, and Clubs). However, due to resource Scarcity, The Borderlanders ventured further southward, though still maintaining settlements in the north to perpetuate Trade with Dwarves

The Wood-Elves and great schism

Borderlanders would encounter The Wood Elves here. Once again, they would fight in a bloody conflict based on Territorial Encroachment and Racial Strife. This time, however, The Borderlanders were fighting on equal footing. Memories of Elven attacks on their people were still fresh in their people’s history. They also couldn’t go back to The North or to The east. Some of the Tribes went westward to form the groups of Outlanders known as “Rangers” (Forair “Watchmen”) who decided to settle along the borders of Wood-Elf Territory, waiting for the day that they could take the south without fear of Elf-Shot. The Remaining Groups became known as “Barbarians” (Bachdair “Scouts”), who dove deeper southward, unwilling to be further bullied by what they saw as Elven Aggression. Eventually, The Barbarians established their territory towards the south of The Iomall River.

Arrival of Miklagardians and The Great Schism

After The Arrival of Aslaug and King Sigurd 1300-1400 Years ago in what is now called Miklagard, The Ranger Tribes were able to Consolidate their small villages into The Large Stone Watchtowers called Dunfairs, and Consolidated themselves into The Four Ranger Clans of Miklagard, who were conveniently close to The fledgling Miklagardian Kingdom’s outer rims. When Miklagardian Conquest extend Southward, disputes emerged between the Barbarians and The Rangers. The Barbarian Tribes solidified into Three distinct Clans, which now exist as a sort of separate nation in The Barbarian Peninsula (Ruva an Bachdair) south of The Dragonmouth Estuary. While Aenadell is the only major Miklagardian Settlement beyond Dragonmouth, The Kingdom of Miklagard may come in conflict with The Barbarians as it expands further south.

The Borderlanders call the division Of their people by the Dragonmouth estuary “The Great Schism”, and count the years after it in their calendar. The Current Year is supposed to be 1341 A.D. (“After Division”)

Borderlander Migration into Miklagard

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