Black Masks

The Black Masks were a cult created by Edwin to gain power in the streets of Sigurdsholm.


After Steel-Eyed Susan was captured and hung by the City Guard, her gang began to dissolve. Edwin struck a deal with Fulkhard to raise Susan as an undead. Edwin convinced the gang that Susan had been pardoned from death, and claimed this was a sign of Arawn’s favor. The gang rallied around this idea, and various disenfranchised citizens were drawn into the cult. They began to meet in the city graveyard and plot a campaign against the City Guard.

Forman discovered the truth of Susan’s resurrection and tried to leave the Black Masks, but Halde cursed him to become a rat/man hybrid, and he fled into the sewers. At Edwin’s urging, Clyde, Judd, and several other Black Masks ambushed and killed several guards. Amalie left the Black Masks shortly thereafter, and Edwin burned down her apartment in retaliation.

Taavi Firuz, Fionn Mac Tire, Immeral, Damakos, and Anastasirra found Forman in the sewers, and were hired to remove the curse. They captured Clyde and offered his return in exchange for lifting the curse on Forman. The Black Masks attempted to ambush the group, but they were routed, and Halde was captured. The group interrogated Clyde and Halde, and tracked the Black Masks to a secret meeting-place in the Seidhrskjold Wizards’ College library. With Amalie’s help, they destroyed Susan, and the Black Masks dispersed.

Edwin later snuck into Halde’s apartment, intending to poison her with assassin’s blood. However, the group was sleeping in the same building, and Fionn killed Edwin with his bow. Taavi and Amalie later smuggled his body to Melinda Godfrey in the Necromancy Department, who agreed to hide it from the authorities.

About a week later, some of the ex-Black Masks were found dead near The Kobold. Clyde and Judd blamed the group for the murders, and attacked them in an alleyway. The group killed them in self-defense, leaving only Judd alive. After this fight, the Black Masks were no more.

Former members

Black Masks

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