Aenadell is a moderately sized town on the outskirts of the Southern Swamp.


Aenadell is located near the Iomall River, which runs from Sigurdsholm to Port Adelaide. Aenadell sees frequent business from traders and travelers moving along the river. The town has a comfortable but slightly mysterious atmosphere, and is known for the witches and fey that allegedly haunt the swamp.


  • Edgar the Ferryman, who runs a boating service in the town’s muddy waters.
  • Frida, the gatekeeper, a middle-aged woman with several missing fingers. Knows a lot about the town and will happily give travelers directions and advice.
  • Jack, a young barkeep at the local tavern.
  • John and Martha, two adulterous lovers who cheated on their spouses, Cindy and Lucas, respectively. The scandalous affair is the talk of Aenadell.
  • Katarina Pendragon, Aenadell’s resident witch, who runs a witching shop accessible only by boat (or broomstick).
  • The owner of Swamp Cures and Concoctions, a seedy shop that deals in druidsbane and other unsavory ingredients. The owner sometimes does business with Fulkhard, and paid Damakos to forge trade documents.


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