The Captain

Doesn't know where your scrying sensor is


“The Captain” is an armored figure leading the Intelligence Collective’s operations in the Southern Swamp.


When the party hired Katarina to scry on Reaper Eye, they saw the Captain admonishing Reaper Eye for its disobedience. The Captain gave Reaper Eye new orders, and began to transfer information to it; through Reaper Eye’s truesight, the Captain then became aware of the scrying sensor. The Captain declared that the Intelligence Collective would hunt down the party, and they would join with the Collective.

The party later infiltrated the Swamp Cabin and found the Captain there. The Captain explained that the Intelligence Collective was seeking to retrieve a ring from the Darkwater Witches, and proposed an alliance. The party agreed to get the ring for the Captain, in exchange for their pick of the treasure and the freedom of the children enslaved by the hags. The Captain then teleported away.


Based on the diary they found, Amalie and Damakos began to suspect the Captain was the assimilated builder and inhabitant of the swamp cabin.

Image source: “Armor” on Pinterest.

The Captain

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