Sevastiaran Sylvinia

Glitz! Glamour! Ineffectual posturing!


Sevastiaran Sylvinia is Anastasirra’s ineffectual but well-connected twin brother.


Sev does not share Ana’s devotion to Bahamut, and appears to have disdain for the dragon god. He crossed over from the Feywild into Alastamir, capital of the Elven Empire, and is planning to somehow improve the empire.

Sev paid Katarina Pendragon to magically locate Ana, and discovered that she was traveling by carriage to Aenadell. Sev made his way up the road and found Ana’s party extricating their carriage from a mud puddle. Sev invited Ana to join him in Alastamir, but she refused.

To test the skill of Ana’s “bodyguards”, Sev conjured several magmalings from a scroll for the party to fight. However, Sev was unable to control the magmalings, and they began to immolate the carriage and Maude. Sev helped the party defeat the magmalings, and was so impressed with Immeral’s graceful combat style that he gave the party the number of an elven talent agent. Sev encouraged the party to join him in Alastamir when they were done with their mission, and then teleported away.

Image by Andrew White.

Sevastiaran Sylvinia

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