Falco mac Ruaidh

We hardly knew ye


Falco mac Ruaidh, or Roy, was a barbarian of a Southern Swamp tribe of Borderlanders, until he was assimilated into the Intelligence Collective.


Roy was captured by the Intelligence Collective and indoctrinated into its ranks by use of a flesh terminal. He was made to impale his body and endure painful stimuli to test his obedience. The Collective also implanted rage orbs into his body, which attached to his nerves. When he went into a barbarian rage, the orbs flared red and caused non-Collective beings to lose control of their senses.

Roy was among the warriors stationed in the Swamp Cabin when the party infiltrated it. He badly wounded Amalie and Fionn mac Tire, but was subdued by Grampf Grat. While he was unconscious, Amalie and Fionn surgically removed the rage orbs from his body.

When Roy woke, he thanked the party for freeing him from the Collective’s control, and explained the conflict between the Borderlanders and the Collective. He also told them what he knew of the cabin and the Captain. Suspicious of his free will, the party asked Grampf to escort Roy outside to wash off his wounds.

After speaking to the Captain and resting, the party asked Roy to return to his tribe and let his body recover. Roy refused, and demanded he accompany the party to battle the Darkwater Witches. Amalie detected the magic of the Intelligence Collective on him, and the party decided to knock him unconscious (Grampf helped).

- The last words Roy heard before his death

Amalie traced the Collective’s magic to a growth in Roy’s spinal column and attempted to remove it. However, the growth began to pulse with magical energy, and so she tore it from his body and threw it into the swamp. Roy died immediately thereafter. Damakos burned his body and possessions, according to Borderlander custom.

Image source: ‘Trudvang’ by Justin Sweet.

Falco mac Ruaidh

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