Reaper Eye

"We trust him because he's jolly"


“Reaper Eye” is a nothic created by the Intelligence Collective with some measure of free will.



Reaper Eye was mutated from an unknown victim of the Collective into a nothic, retaining more free will than most members of the Collective.

The party encountered Reaper Eye and its compatriot, Muffin, at the gibbering pit beneath Dunfair. Reaper Eye happily told them about its duties, its abilities, and its boundless curiosity about the world. It also informed them it was ordered to kill them. The party killed Muffin and destroyed the gibbering pit, but spared Reaper Eye, and kept it prisoner in Immeral’s box.

After killing two cave serpents, the party rested and debated Reaper Eye’s fate. Immeral insisted it wasn’t safe, while Fionn argued that Reaper Eye was a person, and Damakos argued that it had valuable information. While they argued, Reaper Eye teleported out of the box and ordered all the cave serpents in Dunfair to attack the party, draining their resources.

While the party rested, Reaper Eye made use of a flesh terminal in Dunfair. It then exited Dunfair and entered the Woods. Reaper Eye telepathically contacted the party several times as they continued through Dunfair, commenting on their journey and their struggle against the cave serpents and skin cloak.

Southern Swamp

Reaper Eye happened upon Aenadell, and considered making its inhabitants into a gibbering pit. It telepathically contacted the party and encouraged them to join it there.

Realizing it could not subdue the town’s population without help, it sought out the members of the Collective in the swamp. The party, with the assistance of Katarina Pendragon, scried on Reaper Eye and watched the Captain reprimand it for behaving recklessly, then assign it to an important mission and transfer information to it. Amalie magically asked Reaper Eye to disclose its location. It later contacted the party and told them to go to the Swamp Cabin.

The Captain later sent Reaper Eye and the other Collective members to Darkwater to besiege the Darkwater Witches.

Image source: Wizards of the Coast.

Reaper Eye

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