Professor Melinda

Dept Head of Necromancy, always happy to hide a dead body


Melinda Godfrey is the Department Head of Necromancy at Seidhrskjold Wizards’ College. She is very frustrated with the Iron Trinity Church’s strict supervision of the necromancy department.


Professor Godfrey, known as “Melinda” by her students, is a guide and mentor to Halde in her studies of necromancy. Amalie also took a few classes taught by Melinda, and established a relationship with her.

When the party killed Edwin, Amalie proposed bringing his body to Melinda. She and Taavi smuggled the body across campus, encountering Professor Tancred along the way. Melinda agreed to hide the body, while complaining that the university never provided any dead bodies for her research.

Image source: Dragon Age fan art.

Professor Melinda

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