Carriage driver and notorious alcoholic


Maude Cooper is the party’s carriage driver, hired through Alfhilde’s Stables. She has a bit of a drinking problem.


Maude was dismissed from her last job due to her drinking problems. When the party bought a carriage from Alfhilde’s Stables, Alfhilde contacted Maude and offered her a job as a carriage driver.

Maude transported the party to Doveswold. She quickly befriended the local bartender, Dagmar, and spent the night at her house. The next day, the party recovered the Living Tree, and Maude transported them back to Sigurdsholm.

A few days later, the party requested her services again, and she transported them to the western edge of Sigurdsholm Fields, near the Woods. The party gave her a supply of gold and ordered her to wait in Doveswold, and not to tell anyone they had passed through. Maude spent the better part of the week drinking and relaxing with Dagmar, before transporting the party back to Sigurdsholm.

The next week, Maude and the party set off for Aenadell. On the third day of their journey, the carriage became stuck in a mud puddle. While Maude was helping the party to extricate it, Sevastiaran Sylvinia appeared and summoned several magmalings to “test” the party’s strength. The magmalings quickly got out of hand, and lit Maude and the carriage on fire before Sev and the party managed to destroy them.

When the party reached Aenadell and delved into the Southern Swamp, Maude took a room at the inn and began to get acquainted with the local taverns.

Image source: Doctor Who concept art.


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