Hey, somebody's gotta look after Clyde


Judd Fletcher is a fast-talking brute, partners in crime with Clyde.


Judd met Clyde early in his criminal career. The two of them worked as a team, where Clyde did the punching and Judd did the talking… and the punching. Judd and Clyde haunted the roads of Miklagard as highwaymen, until they came to the city of Sigurdsholm. Steel-Eyed Susan forcibly recruited them into her gang, where they followed her orders and shared in the loot.

When Susan was caught and hanged, Judd was ready for the duo to strike out on their own once more, but Edwin tricked Clyde into joining the Black Masks, and Judd went along with him. Judd helped Clyde kill several members of the City Guard. When Clyde was taken hostage by Immeral, Judd convinced Edwin to negotiate an “exchange” with the party (really an ambush in the Woods). The party won, tied Judd and Clyde to a tree, and left them for the foresters. Judd took the opportunity to voice his frustration with Clyde’s stupidity. They were picked up by the foresters in the morning.

After a few weeks, Judd and Clyde weaseled their way out of custody and returned to Sigurdsholm. They found that Edwin and Susan had been killed, and the Black Masks dissolved. When two of the ex-Black Masks turned up dead by The Kobold, Clyde blamed the party for their murders, and Judd rounded up some ex-Black Masks to ambush the party in an alleyway. The party won and killed everyone but Judd, leaving him unconscious, with a pouch of gold as an apology.

Judd spent several weeks trying to gather the money to have Clyde raised from the dead. Eventually, he struck a deal with a professor at Seidhrskjold Wizards’ College, who agreed to finance Clyde’s resurrection in exchange for Judd and Clyde’s help with a difficult job. Judd intended to flee the city as soon as Clyde was resurrected, but the professor intervened, and magically compelled them to fulfill their end of the bargain.

Image source: “Fantasy Warriors” on Pinterest.


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