Best of frenemies


An antisocial woman studying necromancy at Seidhrskjold Wizards’ College, and a friend to Amalie.

Known spells: Bestow Curse, Hold Person, Inflict Wounds, Polymorph.


I wish Halde could see this place… it’s beautiful!


Halde was briefly part of the Black Masks and was responsible for cursing Forman. She was defeated and interrogated by the original group, and nurses a hatred of them, except for Amalie. Halde has since returned to her studies at the university. When Amalie asked where she could find a bag of holding, Halde directed her to Garwin’s Curiosities.

Amalie detected potent necromancy magic on a silver skull at Garwin’s Curiosities. She bought it for 32 GP and gifted it to Halde.


Halde believes the world would be better off if undead were used for physical labor in a socialist system. The world does not appear to agree.

Halde doesn’t much care for Audrey and Cynebald as a couple. She doesn’t much care for romance in general.

Image by Chloe Wright.


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