Grampf Grat

Death quite becomes you! One with your good looks ought not to waste his time with toll-collection.


Grampf Grat is a troll who serves the Darkwater Witches, but has befriended Immeral.


Grampf was born in a humble troll den in the northwestern portion of the Southern Swamp. He enjoyed a peaceful childhood, feasting on turtles, leeches, small mammals, and whatever else he could get his claws on, and hunting with his friend and broodmate, Bog Standard.

“Quick, hide under the water. When the boat comes by, you jump out and lift it into the air, then throw it down and shatter it. I’m sure they’ll all find it very funny.”
- A goblin giving tactical advice to Grampf

One day, several goblins noticed a party moving through the swamp in a boat, and told Grampf to hide under the water and attack them. Grampf grabbed the boat, and was going to throw it down and break the intruders, but they jumped out and one of them started throwing really hot fire at him, which hurt. Then another one hit him very hard and he went to sleep.

When Grampf awoke, the goblins were gone, and he was chained to a tree. He was going to break free, but a shiny elf said something that made him feel very calm. The punchy one introduced himself as Immeral and said he would be Grampf’s new friend, and would he help them find some bad guys they were chasing? That all sounded reasonable to Grampf, so he agreed to lead Immeral and his friends through the swamp. For some reason, when he mentioned the Black Bog, and they all wanted to go there (except the shiny elf). Grampf tried to convince them it was a bad idea, but Immeral really wanted to go, so he took them to the very edge. They stayed up until the monster started coming towards them, and then they finally left, making Grampf very relieved.

Immeral asked Grampf if he knew of any cabins in the swamp, and Grampf remembered Bog telling him about one. Grampf followed Bog’s directions, but the clearing was empty, until the shiny elf made a cabin appear, which was impressive. Grampf tried to break open the door, but it made his head hurt and he stopped. Immeral found a door on the other end, and he and his friends went in while Grampf waited for his head to feel better. He heard some noises, and then Damakos ran outside and asked Grampf to help. Grampf knocked down the walls and found an angry man hurting Immeral’s friends, so he knocked out the angry man.

“Ohhhhhh yeahhhhhh!”
- Grampf, coming to save the day

Immeral’s friends removed some things from the angry man’s body and then woke him up. He seemed much less angry now. Immeral asked Grampf to take the angry man, called “Roy”, outside so he could wash off his wounds in the swamp. Grampf did this and watched Roy for a while.

“Ach, these cuts hurt like a million dragon bug stings.”
“Why don’t you just heal them?”
“It ain’t that easy, ya warty bugger. I’ll be recoverin’ from what those freaks did ta me fer weeks.”
- Grampf and Roy discuss medicine

Eventually, Immeral and his friends came outside and talked to Roy some more. Then a giant mosquito appeared out of nowhere behind Roy, so Grampf swatted it (and Roy). Immeral’s friends took some more things out of Roy, but then he died, which was quite shocking.

Some elves and a dwarf then showed up and talked to Immeral’s friends. Immeral said the dwarf’s name was Riklar and he was a new friend. Immeral’s friends asked Grampf to stay at the cabin while they went off for a bit, but Grampf wanted to know where they were going. He had to keep asking before they mentioned they were going to the Hanging Tree. Grampf knew where that was, and he knew the witches, so he insisted he come along and help. Immeral’s friends seemed hesitant, but eventually they agreed. So Grampf led them all on a merry march to Darkwater, until they got attacked by the Hydra.

Grampf Grat

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