Everyone's (least) favorite shopkeeper


Garwin is the proprietor of Garwin’s Curiosities in Sigurdsholm, who seems to know more than he should… about everything.


The party first encountered Garwin when Immeral sought out a bag of holding and was directed to Garwin’s Curiosities by Halde. Garwin sold the bag of holding and several other curios to the party. Garwin made remarks alluding to several of the party’s secret pasts, which irritated them, especially Amalie. Garwin also knew of the Shadow Order, and warned Immeral that they were looking for him.

When the party infiltrated Dunfair, they informed Garwin about the Intelligence Collective via sending. Garwin told them to purge the monsters from Dunfair and keep them away from Sigurdsholm.

The party returned to Garwin’s Curiosities after purging Dunfair. Immeral purchased a stealth-enhancing cloak, and Amalie asked if Garwin knew anything about the Intelligence Collective. Garwin refused to tell them specific details, but suggested they ask around the Enchantment Department at Seidhrskjold Wizards’ College.

Garwin sold Halde a wooden ball with a pocket of darkness inside. She attempted to deduce what its enchantment was, but could not come to any conclusions. Garwin revealed that the ball contained a glass sphere of ink, and Halde left the shop, frustrated.

Items in Garwin’s Curiosities

  • A bag of holding from Seidhrskjold Wizards’ College. Sold to Immeral.
  • A box, empty of any contents, with the inscription “Property of Lord Valakan; return to Beak Tower”. A person that looks at the box suffers migraines, and may be compelled to return the box to its owner. Sold to Immeral, and later given to Adamar.
  • A burned page from a book written in Infernal, describing a contract signed by Asmodeus and the Celtic Pantheon. Stolen by Damakos.
  • A candle that does not light. Sold to Damakos.
  • A cloak owned by the Shadow Order. Sold to Immeral.
  • A dagger hilt with no blade.
  • A green scale that may have belonged to a dragon.
  • A locket with a portrait of a goblin inside. Sold to Anastasirra.
  • A medicine bottle filled entirely with dirt.
  • A metal beetle.
  • An obsidian shard that is always warm to the touch. Sold to Damakos.
  • A porcelain statuette of a gnome which, upon shattering, released a wisp of smoke in the shape of a face. Destroyed by Immeral.
  • A silver coin-sized skull with potent necromantic abilities. Sold to Amalie, given to Halde.
  • A wine bottle which, when uncapped, releases a pale purple flame.
  • A wooden sphere with a pocket of darkness (actually just ink) inside. Sold to Halde.

Image by Chloe Wright.


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