Do you know the middleman?


Robert Fulkhard is a middleman who barters in “favors” among the streets of Sigurdsholm.


Fulkhard makes his business as a middleman, putting ordinary commoners in touch with criminals to do their dirty work. He has long been friends and business partners with Forman.

After Steel-Eyed Susan was executed by the City Guard, Edwin made a deal with Fulkhard to bring her back. Fulkhard asked for a sum of gold and a precious item stolen by Susan’s gang in return, which Garwin had asked him for. One of Fulkhard’s “friends” then reanimated Susan as an undead.

While cursed, Forman called on Fulkhard to help him dispose of a student’s body. Fulkhard took the student’s bag of holding to Garwin and asked him to remove any spells on it that could be traced. He let Garwin keep the bag, along with the item he had taken from Edwin.

After the curse on him was broken, Forman introduced the party to Fulkhard. Taavi immediately distrusted him, but Amalie reserved judgment. The party found a diary written by Edwin that mentioned his deal with Fulkhard, and confronted him about it. Fulkhard admitted he made a deal with Edwin, but claimed no involvement with the Black Masks.

Image source: Paizo Publishing.


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