Poor taste in childhood friends


Edith of Devotion is a young tiefling woman who lives on Hell Street in Sigurdsholm.


Edith was Edwin’s childhood friend, and they grew up on Hell Street together. Over the years, Edwin became more resentful towards humans, and Edith distanced herself from him.

Edith noticed the party break into Edwin’s house on Hell Street, and greeted them, asking what Edwin had gotten himself into. The party admitted that they had killed him in self-defense, and Edith accepted his fate.

In the next two weeks, the tieflings on Hell Street noticed Edwin’s absence, and Edith let slip that he had been killed. The tieflings began to suspect a hate crime, and pressured Edith to tell them the full story. Edith came to The King’s Head and asked the party for help. Amalie used alter self to disguise herself as Edwin’s “widow”, and convinced the tieflings that he had been killed in the Woods. Damakos flirted with Edith and had some success, although she was too distraught from recent events to consider pursuing romance.

Edith came to terms with Edwin’s death, but still prayed in the Iron Trinity Church by nightfall for his salvation. Cuthbert noticed her horns on one such night and attempted to speak to her, but Edith fled the scene. She has not returned to the cathedral since.

Image source: Tiefling by Banzayaz.


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