Innkeeper, loves him some breakfast stew


Alfred Baker is the proprietor of The King’s Head, a low-rate inn located in the slums of Sigurdsholm.


When Fionn MacTire escaped the massacre at Dunfair, he made his way to The King’s Head, where Alfred nursed him back to health. Fionn vowed to repay his kindness by watching over the inn and acting as a bouncer.

One year later, Taavi Firuz, Damakos, Immeral, and Anastasirra, all patrons of the inn, gathered in The King’s Head to answer a job posted in Market Street. [[:cuthbert | Cuthbert] hired them to investigate the Black Masks.

Ethel arrived in Sigurdsholm about a week later, and took up lodging in The King’s Head. She gave performances every night in the inn to pay her fare.

Two weeks later, Alfred noticed Edith loitering outside the inn every night, and mentioned her to Damakos.

Image source: “Shadows of the Heartlands” on Pinterest.


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