Professor Adamar

Dept Head of Enchantment, the sketchiest school of magic


Ainsley Adamar is the Department Head of Enchantment at Seidhrskjold Wizards’ College.


Adamar teaches only a few classes at the university, but all students in the Enchantment Department must meet with him individually throughout their academic careers.

While the party was investigating Lord Valakan in the Wizards’ College Library, they found that all of his writings had been checked out by someone several months ago. The scroll containing this person’s identity had been enchanted to dissuade readers from investigating the matter. Anastasirra overcame the charm and saw that Professor Adamar had checked out the books.

The party met with Professor Adamar, who denied that he had the books. Amalie, Fionn, and Immeral all gave different reasons for wanting the books. Adamar became suspicious and asked them to leave.

Image source: Wizards of the Coast.

Professor Adamar

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